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Rider SZN x Appreciate You Decal Pack

Rider SZN x Appreciate You Decal Pack

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Add a personalised touch and be part of our story with our Vinyl Decal Packs.
Includes two of our decals to add a personalised touch to your bike, helmet or whatever you desire.  
Please note: our black and white decals are weatherproof and designed to last at least 5 years, however our holographic decals are prone to fading if exposed to the elements. 

RIDERSZN: L 16cm x H 3cm
APPRECIATE YOU: L 11.5cm x H 1.5cm

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About the Product

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Product Description & Dimensions

  • Premium Vinyl Decal Sticker
  • Removable Vinyl
  • Fully Weatherproof* (Black + White)

RIDERSZN: L 16cm x H 3cm
APPRECIATE YOU: L 11.5cm x H 1.5cm

Installation & Removal Guide

Step 1: Preparing the surface

Ensure surface is completely dry and free from any waxes, debris, protectors or enhancers before installation in order to maximise adhesion.

Step 2: Prepare your decals

Prepare your decal for application by pressing the transfer tape firmly against the decal to remove any bubbles. This can be done using a squeegee or credit card.

Step 3: Remove decal backing

Slowly peel back to paper backing to remove it from the decal. If the decal clings to the backing (and not the transfer tape), carefully replace the backing and repeat the process.

Step 4: Position Decal

Position your decal onto your surface and press down firmly starting from the centre and moving outwards trying to remove all air bubbles. A squeegee, can be used. Any air bubbles can be removed after using a small pin. For best results wait 10-15 minutes for the decal to adhere before removing the transfer tape.

Step 5: Remove transfer tape

Remove transfer tape slowly by peeing at a right angle or parallel to the surface. Avoid pulling the transfer tape off quickly or directly upwards as this can remove the decal from the surface. If the sticker removes itself from the surface, replace the transfer tape and repeat from step 4.

Returns Policy

Unfortunately we're not accepting returns or refunds on our decal packs. However if you have any issues with your decals, please contact us directly and we will help you out!