Our Story

It all started when we were trying to find a product that will not only allow us to enjoy our ride, but ensured that we looked fresh enough to continue on with our day - even when the climates change. That was when the all seasons 'bally' (balaclava) was born. Little did we know that this was just the beginning.

During the process of designing the perfect balaclava, it became apparent that the core problem we were trying to solve, feeling fresh and comfortable enough after riding to continue on with our day extended far beyond how our hair or face looked. What we do and what we wear is a form of self expression, and our own individuality that makes us who we are. This sparked the development of our future collections which we are excited to share with you soon.

Every RiderSZN piece has been carefully thought out and gone through multiple iterations to ensure that no detail was missed. To us, it's more important that we create products that are timeless and high quality so that they can last through multiple seasons. 

RiderSZN is about you, your style and your individuality.

We Appreciate You.

Our drops are just the beginning. We like to have fun.

Owning a RiderSZN piece doesn't just let you feel more comfortable in what you're wearing. It opens up a potential invite to some of the things we get up to, which we hope could inspire you one day.

Like we said, this brand is about you. If our first few releases aren't your taste, that's okay. We hope soon enough we'll bring out something that suits your style, and you can join us on our antics soon.

To all the style queens and kings, creatives, content creators and riders who want to be part of something meaningful keep your eyes peeled. We'll drop hints on our socials so let's stay connected.